KISS Your Thirst Goodbye with Another Rockin’ Collectible

KISS Flask

Rock old school style with the new KISS Retro Flask from Bif Bang Pow! available now for pre-order!

What better way to celebrate one of the greatest bands of all time than to carry your favorite beverage around like a rock star using our brand new KISS Retro Flask? This classically designed flask holds 5 ounces of liquid and measures roughly 3-inches wide by 4 3/4-inches tall and 1-inch deep.

This clear- acrylic and stainless steel flask features inlaid printed artwork showcasing all four members of the original band against a dark orange backdrop. The unique artwork pays homage to the retro style 70’s posters from the era KISS originated.

This awesome piece is currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

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