Will These Penny Dreadful Tarot Cards Tell You Your Future?

Penny Dreadful Tarot Cards

What does your future hold? Find out with Penny Dreadful Tarot Cards – Boxed Set of 78 from Bif Bang Pow!, now in stock!

From the hit Showtime Original series Penny Dreadful, these cards are based on the ones used by heroine Vanessa Ives. They feature marvelous series-true artwork and an informative instruction book that will make it easy to become a pro at Tarot reading.

The cards are made of smooth laminated paper and each one measures 4 3/4-inches tall x 2 3/4-inches wide.

The instruction book is 96 pages and has everything you could want, including card meanings, popular layouts, and guidelines. The whole set also comes in a matching printed box.

So channel your inner Vanessa Ives, discover your future, and order the cards today! They are currently available at Entertainment Earth where in-stock orders of $79 or more receive free shipping.

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Penny Dreadful Tarot Cards



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