Arm Photon Torpedoes with Bif Bang Pow!’s Newest Monitor Mate

Star Trek TNG Enterprise Monitor Mate

Shields up! Red alert! Add the U.S.S. Enterprise to your desk with the Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Monitor Mate from Bif Bang Pow!

Inspired by the NCC-1701-D starship from Star Trek: The Next Generation, this miniature bobble ship will bring your monitor to another galaxy. Crafted of PVC plastic, the Next Generation bobble starship measures about 2 5/8-inches long x 1 7/8-inches tall (including the base) x 2-inches wide.

Utilize its non-damaging adhesive pad to stick it to your monitor or any smooth, even surface. This starship comes packing on a TNG-themed blister card.

One of the largest cult phenomena of our time, Star Trek is a science-fiction entertainment franchise based on a fictional universe created by Gene Roddenberry. It includes a multitude of television series, movies, video and computer games, novels, and more depicting an optimistic future in which mankind has risen above past frailties and vices to unite with other intelligent species in the galaxy to explore the cosmos, discover new worlds, and encounter new civilizations – “To boldly go where no one has gone before!”

Arm your photon torpedoes by pre-ordering this bobble ship at Entertainment Earth!

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Star Trek TNG Enterprise Monitor Mate



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