Drive Like the Dude with New Big Lebowski Auto Accessories

Big Lebowski License Plate Frames

The Dude abides on your ride! Tie the look of your whole vehicle together by adding one of Bif Bang Pow!’s newest The Big Lebowski license plate frames to your set of wheels!

You can express your love of The Dude and his best friend Walter to everyone on the road or at your local bowling alley parking lot. These license plates incorporate the film’s most popular quotes so you can truly be a part of the cult classic.

Collectors have their choice of the maroon “The Dude Abides” frame with western yellow font or the black “I Don’t Roll on Shabbos” frame with bowling ball and bowling pin graphics. Each plastic frame measures approximately 12 1/4-inches wide by 6 1/4-inches tall and prominently displays The Big Lebowski title logo.

These all-new license plate frames are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth!

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» Pre-order The Big Lebowski The Dude Abides License Plate Frame


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