3 Things You Didn’t Know about Black Panther’s Ulysses Klaue (Klaw)

Perhaps you already learned a lot about Erik Killmonger, a villain in the Black Panther movie. But there’s another villain who may be even more unhinged than Killmonger. Allow us to introduce you to Ulysses Klaue.

The Creation and Story of Ulysses Klaue

Source: Marvel

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Ulysses Klaue first appeared in August 1966, in issue Fantastic Four #53. He was the son of a Nazi war criminal named Colonel Fritz Klaue, who learned the secrets of the African nation Wakanda and, especially, its secret horde of vibranium, while on a mission from Adolf Hitler during World War II. After the war, he settled in Belgium and changed his name to Klaw. Learning about Wakanda and its precious vibranium from his father while growing up, Ulysses became a physicist and later went back to Wakanda to steal the precious vibranium. In doing so, he killed Wakanda’s ruler, T’Chaka in front of his son T’Challa. Klaw escaped, but not before losing his hand to the vengeful T’Challa, who went on to become Wakanda’s new Black Panther. Klaw would later appear in many of Marvel’s titles.

Super Sonic Klaw

Source: Marvel

Klaw’s powers come from his sonic emitter, also known as a sonic gun, which replaced the hand he lost to T’Challa. Powered by vibranium, it gives Klaw the ability to use ambient sound as a destructive force and gives him superhuman strength and stamina. It also turns him into a being of solidified sound with the ability to use sound to sense his surroundings. In all, it makes him an impressive bad guy. While he probably won’t have all the powers of his comic book counterpart, it’s more than likely that Marvel Cinematic Universe Klaw will have his signature sonic gun in the Black Panther film.

Ulysses Klaue in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

Making his cinematic debut in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Klaw is portrayed by Andy Serkis, whose face we’ll be able to see in Black Panther (his previous performances include Golem in the Lord of the Rings and as the ape Caesar in the recent Planet of the Apes movies). While much about Ulysses Klaw for the movie has been kept quiet, we already know that Klaw lost his arm to Ultron in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. And in Captain America: Civil War, we learned that T’Chaka was killed as part of a scheme by Baron Zemo. So T’Challa’s and Klaw’s story will not be the same as in the comics. But in the comics, N’Jadaka and his parents were prisoners of Klaw who were killed during the war between Klaw’s mercenaries and the residents of Wakanda. It was that and his exile from Wakanda that led to N’Jadaka becoming Erik Killmonger, Black Panther’s arch enemy. How much of that will be in the movie is not yet clear. But fans are anxiously awaiting to find out.




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