The Pink Ranger Is Getting Her Own Comic Miniseries from BOOM! Studios

Remember that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic from BOOM! Studios? Well, it’s doing pretty well for itself.

Issue #0 is on its third printing and #1 already has over 100,00 pre-orders. Not too shabby.

It’s also doing so well that it’s spawning a new spin-off series. There’s Green Ranger: Year One, of course, and now there’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink too!

Kimberly will be getting her own six-issue miniseries, with writing by Brenden Fletcher (Batgirl, Gotham Academy) and Kelly Thompson (Jem and the Holograms, Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps) and art by Daniele Di Nicuolo.

Plus, it has two gorgeous covers, one by Marguerite Sauvage (left) and another by Elsa Charretier (right):


The Pink Ranger is a touchstone of the Power Rangers, so it’s definitely cool to see her get her own miniseries. Plus, the creative team is already top-notch.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink is set to debut in May.

Are you excited to read about Kimberly? What do you think of the Power Rangers comics so far? Sound off below!

Source: The Mary Sue



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