Boomerang the Brony?


Suicide Squad finally hit theaters last weekend following a release reschedule to allow for re-shoots in the wake of the largely negative critical response of Batman Vs. Superman. Whether or not the re-shoots improved the final product or not – reactions from fans and critics alike have been a mixed bag, to say the least – there was one late addition that most enjoyed.

In true fan fashion, a large section of the fandom has latched onto the goofy recurring gag where Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) carries around a stuffed pink unicorn during the Squad’s mission.

What was originally intended to be mere set dressing became “something of a mascot,” as director David Ayer explains. “I thought Boomerang needed something kind of fun and silly.”

It certainly added further flair to the booze-swilling, burly brawler. Courtney’s made a name for himself as a brash action hero but he’s also unafraid to play things over the top and ridiculous, and seems to have a rather playful personality off-screen, so the touch was a fitting one.

Does this mean Captain Boomerang is a Brony? According to Ayer: “Yes. It… gives him a little hobby besides robbing banks.”

Proof that even supervillains can be fanboys – catch Captain Boomerang (and Pinky) in action in Suicide Squad, currently in theaters.



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