Own a Piece of Borderlands 2!

For all of you vault hunters out there we have a special treat for you today with three full-scale prop replicas of three of guns from Borderlands 2. Miss Moxxi’s Good Touch Sub Machine Gun, Miss Moxxi’s Bad Touch Sub Machine Gun and the Infinity Pistol. All three are super fun to use in the game and could easily be said to be some of the most popular by fans.

Mad Miss Moxxi is the sexiest bartender in Borderlands 2 and is just waiting for some good tips from her patrons. A few hundred dollars might get you a sexy dance or some snappy comments, but a few thousand (or more) will give you a chance to receive one of her specialty guns. These are the Miss Moxxi Good Touch and Bad Touch Sub Machine Guns. While they look pretty similar aside from their color scheme they both do have special abilities that pretty much any level character can take advantage of. Since these two guns are such staples in the game it’s really awesome to see these amazing full-scale prop replicas finally coming out from TriForce.

The Miss Moxxi Good Touch prop replica gun is to a tee exactly what you get in game. It’s purple and gray paint job is crafted so well it almost doesn’t look real. On either side of the gun barrel in gray are the words, “Mad Moxxi,” and on the left side, where the magazine lives, is a decal of Moxxi herself. Sculpted from polystone, it is intricately crafted to showcase all of the same curves and sharp edges. What is most impressive to me is its measurements and extra lighting features. At 29-inches long and 20 pounds in weight, this prop will feel just as you’d imagine from playing with it in game. It’s fully functioning lights are the icing on the cake to make this replica truly come to life.

Of course, if there is also a prop replica of Miss Moxxi Bad Touch Gun, which is the other submachine gun Moxxi gives to all of her favorite patrons. This corrosive style gun has a darker maroon color scheme. The same printing of the words, “Mad Moxxi,” is printed on this gun barrel but actually a little smaller showing off a bit more detail in the wording. The decal of Moxxi printed on the magazine is also different featuring her in a red costume instead of the bright purple one on the Good Touch. The same craftsmanship and measurements are used for this prop replica except the lighting effects are a bright green color instead. It is all around impressive and a must have for fans!

Both of these submachine guns are really impressive, but if you often forget to reload your ammo then you might be more of a fan of the Infinity Pistol. In the game, this gun not only has unlimited ammo but every shot is eligible for the “0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill” damage bonus. It can be a huge asset as a primary or backup weapon against Hyperion loaders. Now you can pre-order your own full-scale prop replica of the Infinity gun! It’s impressive gradient color scheme looks identical to its in-game counterpart. Being hand-painted there is great attention to detail with specific pieces painted in golds, blues, greens and a lemniscate (infinity symbol ∞) stamped on the gun barrel. It also has fully functional bright blue LED lights along the gun barrel, the unlimited magazine, and scope. This pistol is to scale at 22-inches long and weighs 10 pounds.

All three of these prop replicas are finally coming out this month. Each is limited editions with 150 pieces made of the Good Touch and 500 pieces of the Bad Touch and Infinity Pistol made worldwide. Be a big deal today by pre-ordering your very own weapon to add to your arsenal before another vault hunter steals your chance!



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