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7-Year Old Boy Has Joined the Ranks of Clone Troopers with Prosthetic Arm

clone trooper prosthetic arm

Let’s make one thing clear: Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers from Star Wars are not the same thing. Stormtroopers are the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire, while clone troopers are genetically modified, identical troops who fought for the Republic during the Clone Wars.

This is especially important for Liam Porter from Augusta, Georgia who recently received a prosthetic arm modeled after a Clone Trooper. He wants it known that this is not the arm of a Stormtrooper.

Porter, born without the lower part of his left arm, is a good guy, like the Clone Troopers.

This isn’t the first prosthetic arm he’s had, but it’s definitely the best. According to John Peterson, the designer, the arm is lighter and easier to move, not to mention totally awesome and created from 3-D printing.

clone trooper arm

It took three months to make and only cost $300, while a typical prosthetic arm can cost upwards of $9,000, according to Peterson.

The 501st Georgia Garrison, a group of people who dress up as Clone and Stormtroopers, presented Porter with the arm at a special ceremony.

“He was actually speechless, which for him is a rarity,” his mom said. “It’s amazing John donated his time and own money to make this happen, just to see the joy on my son’s face.”

Not only is the technology behind this awesome, but so is the sentiment. It’s great to see the power and joy something like Star Wars can bring people. Liam Porter is our favorite Clone Trooper now, for sure!

Images courtesy of 501st Georgia Garrison



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