Bring Home a Small Arcade – Tiny Arcade Cabinet Key Chains!

Sadly, the golden age of arcades is long over, and their several hundred pounds of Happ buttons, bat-top joysticks, and CRT monitors no longer grace pizza parlors as they once did. Thankfully, Monogram remembers these marvelous hulking beasts, and you can bring some home and to your friends with Midway Arcade Games 3D Figural Key Chains! Various styles are on the way for gamers of all ages to enjoy, from Rampage to Gauntlet to Defender to Joust. (We love Joust!) Whether you loved them in the 1980s or just started playing them today, we know you’ll get a bundle of kicks out of the Midway Arcade Games 3D Figural Key Chains… particularly since you don’t need to insert a coin to enjoy them. (They’re a little small to insert coins into the replica coin slots.)



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