Burned Face Gus Fring: For the Adult Collector

Breaking Bad is just one of the many categories that Entertainment Earth carries catering to the adult collector. Entertainment Earth specializes in everything from pop vinyl figures to highly articulated action figures and statues. collector One of our slogans, jokingly (and seriously), is “Keeping toys away from kids since 1996,” and we’ve stayed true to the philosophy that it should be easy for the adult collector to find the collectibles they’re looking for. From one collector to another, we like to complete our collections – and we know that you do, too. We’re trying to make it easy for you, among all of your daily responsibilities, to collect amazing treasures in order to enhance your collection.

There are some special collectors’ pieces that really scream “YES!” to our adult audience; however, if you heard it from our Exclusive Burned Face Gus Fring Action Figure, you’d probably hear a resounding “NO!”, or maybe an “AHH!!” of horrified surprise. (Hardy har har. We think we’re funny.) We sure think this is a neat addition to any collection geared towards a mature audience. Get your ooo’s and ahh’s ready, because here is Gus Fring from Breaking Bad in all his macabre, gruesome, gory glory!

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