The Star Wars Comic Just Made a Huge Change to a Popular Character

Star Wars Comic

Under Disney, Star Wars has expanded canonically in many ways from Rebels to new novels and, finally, comic books. In today’s issue of Star Wars #6, a big, canon change was made to one of your favorite characters.

Written by Jason Aaron, the comic takes place right after the destruction of the Death Star in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Today’s issue reveals a massive twist for Han Solo and everything we’ve ever known about him.

There will be spoilers in this article.

Are you ready?

Then meet Sana Solo, Han’s wife.

Star Wars Comic #6

Image from io9

It’s like the new generation’s “I am your father”!

This is a huge play for many reasons. First, what does it mean canonically? Han and Leia weren’t exactly in a budding relationship in A New Hope, sure, but they definitely were by The Empire Strikes Back. So where does Sana Solo fit in to all this?

While we know nothing more about Sana than this single panel, we can guess. A lot of people are already assuming the two aren’t legally married. Another idea is that they’re married for non-romantic reasons, whether because of a job they did together or something else.

Aaron and the Lucasfilm Story Group certainly didn’t make this decision lightly so we simply need to be patient and let the story unfold. We have no fear there will be a defamation of Han’s character nor of his relationship with Leia, but this does create a rather interesting obstacle.

What this change also reveals is Lucasfilm’s confidence in these new venues, enough so to allow them to introduce a character of this gravity. Especially because under Disney’s Lucasfilm, everything is canon and open for crossovers.

Sana Solo will also appear on the cover of August’s Star Wars #9.

Are you excited by this twist? What do you think the explanation is and how it will affect Han and Leia? Sound off in the comments!



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