The Marvelous Myth of Captain America Comes to Life as an ArtFX Statue

Dr. Erskine knew he’d picked the right text subject for his Super Soldier Serum when he met Steve Rogers; he was not a strong man, but he was a good man. Just the sort you’d want to keep an eye out for the little guys, a man worthy of becoming a modern day myth.

Kotobukiya’s latest Cap statue depicts the classic Marvel hero with modern sensibilities. The Captain America Modern Myth ArtFX Statue captures the Captain in a brief, quiet lull between action scenes, one foot resting on a chunk of debris on a battlefield not too far from home.

His uniform is a nice mix of the old and the new, with the traditional overlapping scales at the top of the shirt; the winged, A-emblazoned mask; and the patriotic stripes down the torso and in the sleeves/gloves. With his trusty shield on one arm, Steve wears the serious, stoic expression of a man on a mighty mission.

This superpowered statue of the mythic Marvel hero stands 12 1/2-inches tall and is crafted from high quality PVC. Shipped safely packaged in a closed box, this Captain will make a valorous addition to any comic collection. Pre-order today and we’ll ship the moment he arrives in stock!



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