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Go on a Night Mission with Cap

Are you ready to get patriotic? Then it’s time to add this version of Cap like you’ve never seen before. Check out the new Captain America Night Mission action figure from ThreeA! He’s a meld of classic style with new that’s worth every penny. He’s incredibly detailed, fully articulated and comes with accessories to create infinite action poses. It’s a piece every fan would be proud to have as part of their collection.

Taking a look at his outfit, Cap comes dressed in a tailor-made head to toe real fabric outfit with an American flag color scheme. His headpiece and pants are a nice blue that is broken up by his mid-section of white and red stripes. This is all put together with some impressive stitching details, which can be immediately seen by the big white A on his forehead and his layered shoulder pads. It all comes together with faux-leather brown arm bracers, boots, and his large belt. Each piece has some great thought to bring a tactical style of Cap’s classic comic book look mixed with a modern day feel.

Aside from the impressive outfit Cap also comes with some great accessories. There are three sets of interchangeable hands along with a magnetic shield. That has to be my favorite part. The shield is not only can be magnetically placed on Cap’s back, but it has some nice detailing. There are deep looking scratches giving the feeling that it has seen some serious battles in the past. Couple this with his 30 points of articulation and this action figure tips to one of the coolest version of Captain America I’ve seen.

Standing about 12 3/4-inches tall, this impressive Captain America Night Mission action figure is one every fan needs in their collection. It not only combines some classic and modern styles but the impressive detailing making him worth being in your collection. Cap comes out in March of 2018 but you can make him proud by pre-ordering yours today to make sure you don’t miss showing off your patriotic side.



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