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Cap Is Back as a Mezco One:12 Collective Action Figure

Captain America is one of Marvel’s most enduring comic book heroes, debuting in March 1941 with his own Captain America Comics, under Marvel’s former name, Timely Comics. As any fan knows, Steve Rogers was part of a government experiment during World War II in which he was transformed from a weakling to a super-soldier. With enhanced strength and agility, and armed with a super-cool shield that worked as both protection and as a weapon, he led the fight against America’s enemies, wearing a uniform patterned after the American flag. After the war, an accident trapped Rogers in the ice where he remained in suspended animation until he was found and revived in present day with all his abilities (and that great shield) still intact.

The comic was suspended itself in 1950, brought back temporarily in 1953, then suspended again until Marvel’s revival of the character in 1964. Captain America was also the first Marvel character to appear onscreen with his own movie serial in 1944. Today Captain America, as portrayed by Chris Evans, is a staple of the Marvel movie universe, with three movies of his own and as a central character in Marvel’s Avengers movies.

This superhero is as popular as ever, so it’s only natural that Mezco Toys would come out with its new Captain America One:12 Deluxe Version Action Figure. Due out in June 2017, this beautifully crafted piece features a new, yet time-honored head sculpt and includes 32 articulation points. The intricate costume design, complete with dynamic coloring, creates a classic “real world” look.

And few action figures come with all the accessories this one does. How about Steve Rogers both masked and unmasked? Seven different hand positions, such as fists, thumbs up, and shield-throwing hands? Not to mention a knife that fits into its own boot sheath, a grenade set, a display base, and other cool accessories. And, of course, no Captain America action figure would be complete without the iconic Captain America shield, offered here with magnetic attachments.

To top it off, the figure comes in a metal container tin that is shaped like a shield and features a lenticular transformation chamber. No Captain America fan should be without this limited edition deluxe version action figure. So pre-order now and take advantage of free shipping.



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