Chrissie Zullo DC Artists’ Alley Designer Vinyl Figures

Chrissie Zullo’s art is definitely distinct. It’s a seamless blend of dreamlike color, akin to the art of James Jean and Tara McPherson, and beautiful kawaii-style character designs. And those wide-eyed characters translate perfectly to their own line of vinyl statues for DC Artists’ Alley Designer series, which spotlights some of the most unique, artistic viewpoints.

The series features her version of Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Supergirl, and Batgirl. All four of these ladies stand out with serious cuteness, featuring big eyes and bigger attitudes.


Image: Chrissie Zullo / DC Collectibles

This vinyl figure of Wonder Woman slays. She’s positioned with one hand on her hip, shield around her back and her other hand holding her sword just in front of her. The sculpting on her face and the detail on the hair flowing behind her really bring out the sassiness of the figure.


Image: Chrissie Zullo / DC Collectibles

Hawkgirl is another great design. She’s standing atop a little wisp of cloud putting this figure at 7-inches tall. Sculptor Irene Matar has added a lot of great detailing throughout –  her attire, the cloud, her prominent wings. Plus, her colors are vibrant a really pop. Her white eyes make it difficult to pinpoint where she’s really looking, which draws your eyes to her face. All in all, she’s an awesome piece that will make a great addition to any collection.


Image: Chrissie Zullo / DC Collectibles

Then there’s this super cute Supergirl with Streaky. She’s brilliantly colored with striking features to stand out wherever she is displayed. Her positioning shows off her commanding power but with a touch of softness. Plus, the figure was upgraded from Chrissie’s original drawing – with her feline sidekick at her feet. Supergirl stands about 6 4/5-inches tall but will make a huge impression for any collection.


Image: Chrissie Zullo / DC Collectibles

Finally, the fan favorite of the bunch. This super cool Batgirl statue. Her design is a little different from the other three because instead of standing on a base she’s holding onto a modded purple and yellow Batgirl themed scooter. Even the look on her face gives her a completely different vibe with her almost treacherous smile.

All four of these vinyl figures are limited to 3,000 pieces and come individually numbered with original artwork for each figure in their box.

Don’t waste any time putting in your pre-order for Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl Supergirl or Batgirl. They are all super cute each with their own attitude that will make a great addition to any fan’s collection!



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