Bring the Superhero Civil War Home!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has captured the imagination of audiences for years, but the high-water mark so far has been the amazing movie, Captain America: Civil War. This movie brought audiences action unlike they had ever seen before. Pitting two legendary superheroes against each other was an innovation that was so terrific that it was immediately reiterated by a certain other comic book movie. Now you can mark the occasion of this battle in style and grace every bit as pleasing as the film!

The Captain America: Civil War Captain America v. Iron Man Premium Motion Statue is an awesome addition to your MCU film collection! From the creative minds of Factory Entertainment, this statue is absolutely packed with action. This statue brings to life one of the most iconic fight scenes in movie history. Captain America and Iron Man go toe-to-toe in a flash of violence. Captain America is bracing for impact as Iron Man floats in midair, blasting at his former compadre.

The sense of a moment captured in time is absolutely brilliant. Motion is rarely captured so tangibly as in this amazing statue. This hand-painted statue is crafted in heavyweight polystone and PVC to accent the transparent flame effect. Standing about 17-inches tall, 17-inches long, and about 11-inches deep, this statue will become the instant centerpiece of any collection. Coming soon, you can pre-order today at Entertainment Earth!



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