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Impress Your Droogs with this A Clockwork Orange Action Figure

A Clockwork Orange Alex MAFEX Action Figure

Add a little chaos to your action figure collection. There is nothing like a little bit of ultraviolence to make your action figures take on new life. Based on the astounding Stanley Kubrick directed film, A Clockwork Orange, comes this A Clockwork Orange Alex MAFEX Figure. Faithful to the last details of the film, you won’t believe your eyes when you look at this 6-inch work of art.

It’s impossible to overstate the impact that A Clockwork Orange had on the literary world and then on popular culture through the film adaptation. With a brand-new treatment of language and the powerful development of dark-humor, this dystopian tale has captured audiences for generations. There was, of course, no director quite like Kubrick, and his vision for the story brought an oddball style that is still attractively disturbing to see. This action figure has all the details to bring that complex aesthetic to life.

This Alex figure comes included with three facial expression options, a stick for inflicting some violence, a dreadful dagger, an eye mask, and a little milk-plus. MAFEX has done a remarkable job of getting every last detail in place with this high-quality figure. This kind of workmanship doesn’t come cheap, but it adds an exciting dimension to any action figure collection. Reserve yours by ordering on Entertainment Earth today!



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