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Our Best Collectible News from 2016

This past year has given us pause to reflect on the passing of our childhoods, or at least the passing of many icons from our childhoods. In addition to all that sadness, we were given a lot to get excited about. It seems like collectibles just keep getting better. In many ways, the best collectibles of this year showcase our childhoods in a dynamic new life, bringing new levels of detail and attention to the things that move us. Let’s take a look at some of the most arresting products of this past year.

The Walking Dead Negan’s Bat Replica

1200x630_mcfarlane_lucille_replicaWith all the excitement on The Walking Dead this year, Negan’s bat became one of the most iconic weapons in popular culture. In no time at all, you could have Lucille as part of your very own collection.

Blitzway Ghostbusters Action Figures

Blitzway GhostbustersThe year that saw the Ghostbusters reboot also saw the most stunning and realistic action figures based on the original ghost-busting team.

Bif Bang Pow! Star Trek Wooden Bridge Playset

Bif Bang Pow Star Trek Pin Mate Playset BridgeCreating a new definition of “retro,” the classic bridge of the starship Enterprise came to homes everywhere.

New Power Rangers Toys Revealed

Power Ranger Movie ToysIn anticipation of the upcoming movie, Power Rangers revealed a new line of toys updated for a modern aesthetic.

Batman Joker Play Arts Kai Variant Action Figure

Batman Joker ROgues Gallery Play Arts Kai VariantContinuing to be a leader in amazing collectible action figures, The Joker mocked Batman in the most personal way possible.

Batman v. Superman Metals Die Cast Figure

Batman v Superman Die-Cast FiguresBatman, however, had his hands full this year. These die-cast action figures from Batman v. Superman stunned audiences at least as much as the film did.

Entertainment Earth Exclusive Star Wars The Black Series Order 66 Clone Troopers

Star Wars The Black Series Clone Troopers of Order 66 6-Inch Action Figures - Entertainment Earth ExclusiveStar Wars The Black Series figures got really tough with the Clone Troopers of Order 66, and Entertainment Earth was the only place to get the exclusive collection.

Super 7 MOTU M.U.S.C.L.E. Mini-Figures

MOTU MUSCLEThe Most Powerful Man in the Universe took on a new challenge, bringing Eternia to the world of MUSCLE in one of the coolest toy crossovers ever imagined.

Entertainment Earth Exclusive E.T. ReAction Figures

E.T. Funko ReAction Entertainment Earth ExclusiveEveryone’s favorite Extra Terrestrial came home in a new ReAction Figure.

2017 has some pretty big shoes to fill, when it comes to bringing us top-quality collectibles. While some things deteriorate over time, collectibles seem to just get better and better as the years progress. That’s why Entertainment Earth is here to bring you along for the thrill ride that is your collection!



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