Comfort and Serenity in These Firefly-Class Slippers

Firefly Slippers

The cult classic Firefly has proven itself relevant to generations both young and old in its decade of existence. Though it spent its single season in a horrible time slot, it gained die-hard fans that still long to call Serenity home today. Now Serenity can be a home for your toes!

Wearing Firefly Slippers

This little Mal went to the market, this little Jayne stayed home… if you just got the brilliant idea to do Firefly nail art like I did, I’ll wait … And I want pictures!

Do manly men wear slippers? Of course they do! Jayne Cobb would rock these little dudes!

Whether you’re currently working on your Malcolm Reynolds nail art masterpiece, picturing yourself with your feet kicked up and watching the game, or somewhere in between, these beauties have all sorts of fun details for you. From the Blue Sun logo, their own shuttles, cockpit window detail, and more, you’ve got all that you could want short of an actual Firefly class ship!*

These Entertainment Earth exclusives won’t fly out into the ‘Verse until November, but pre-orders are available now!  You’ll look mighty cunning in these slippers regardless of your foot size. Just think of how well that squishy hull will protect your toes from the corner and coffee table leg Reavers of the real world!

On top of all that, who doesn’t want to run into a room brandishing footwear to yell “I swear by my pretty plushy slipper, I will end you!”

Firefly Entertainment Earth Exclusive

*Primary buffer panel not included.



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