“They Mostly Come at Night… Mostly” – Except These Amazing Replicas Come on Alien Day


CoolProps is releasing the most impressive movie replicas imaginable, just in time for Alien Day.

In the past few years, Star Wars Day has taken on a rather popular life, at least on social media, so 20th Century Fox is taking a shot at the idea by promoting Alien Day on April 26th. Unlike the popular pun that Star Wars Day relies on, Alien Day is based on the number 426, as in the last three digits of LV-426, the designation for the Xenomorph’s home moon in the Alien franchise. While this fabricated holiday might sound about as legitimate and authentic as Sibling Day, the collectibles being released in honor of Alien Day speak to something much more awesome.

And really, shouldn’t it be awesome? The Alien franchise is beyond cool, especially from a design perspective. Artist H.R. Giger created stunning visuals, mixing the aesthetics of the insect, plant, and animal worlds into one creature so arresting and inhuman as to unsettle anyone who has tried to find its eyes. So really, why not set aside a day to celebrate Alien? Who cares how remote and nerdy the date reference might be? Just go with it!

CoolProps is throwing down with these two ridiculous, 1:1 scale replicas of two different Alien head designs. The Alien Warrior Life Sized Head Prop is based on the particular “Blue version” Xenomorphs that we see in James Cameron’s critically-acclaimed Aliens. This head is spinal in nature, showing off those Giger textures and moldings. Just add a few gallons of KY to get it nice and drippy like in the movie!

The second collector item coming out is the Dog Alien from the somewhat-less-acclaimed-but-now-starting-to-be-considered-a-cult-classic Alien 3. This head is more of a caramel color, with a smooth, membrane-like appearance to the cranium and teeth that look like they belong to Jared Leto’s Joker.

Oh, and only 75 of these items will be made, so don’t start clearing off space on that shelf yet. However, I think that with the likes of these absurdly fascinating collectibles coming out, we can all start marking our calendars for Alien Day, on April 26th!



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