These Creepy Co. Pop Culture Enamel Pins Are to DIE For

The spooky season is almost here! Get a head start on your Fall ensemble with these must-have Creepy Co. Enamel Pins. The perfect accessories for any horror loving fan!

Celebrate the Master of Macabre with this Vincent Price Classic Enamel Pin. Measuring about 2-inches tall, this metal pin beautifully captures Price’s look and striking blue eyes.

The iconic plush monster from the ’80s and ’90s is back! Made from enamel, this bright and 1 3/4-inch long My Pet Monster Pin comes with raised details and a metallic orange chain.

“Beware, you’re in for a scare!” Based on R.L. Stein’s unforgettable book series, this Goosebumps Logo Enamel Pin is a must-have item for reliving those childhood memories.

Show the world your true colors! This Creepy Co. Not Sorry We’re Creepy Enamel Pin measures about 1 1/2-inches long and is made with soft enamel.

Creepy Co. speaks to the ghoul in us all with their original designs. This Creepy Co. VHS Horror Label Enamel Pin will be sure to bring back some memories. Made with glow in the dark enamel, this metal pin will have you reminiscing about wandering the video stores of old.

This Future Ghost GITD Hard Enamel Pin is designed with glow in the dark enamel and metal. Let everyone know about your future form, that way there won’t be any surprises when the day finally comes.

The Creepy Co. Chompers GITD Enamel Pin will sure to bring back some Halloween memories. Made with glow in the dark enamel, this metal pin doesn’t bite back, so don’t be afraid to add it to your collection.

Decorate your coffin or your vest with this Ars Moriendi Yearn for the Urn Enamel Pin. This 1 1/2-inch tall pin is made with hard enamel and polished metal. The Ars Moriendi (the art of dying) are a duo of Latin texts dating from the early 15th century, serving to instruct readers of the day how to die well.

Finally, Michael has returned…as a pin! Based on John Carpenter’s horror film Halloween, this Michael Myers Pin will give you the chills. This pin measures about 1 1/2-inches tall.

Each of these pins come with a rubber backing for security and come packaged on a card back.

These pins rise from the grave in September 2018. Place your pre-orders now and get ready to do the monster mash!



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