The Joker Leaves His Mark with Iconic Hand Statue

Batman Joker Calling Card Hand Statue

Some people just want to watch the world burn. The classic agent of chaos continues to endure as Batman’s most beloved rival. Everywhere he strikes, the Clown Prince leaves his calling card, craving attention as well as social change. The 53rd card of every deck represents the chaotic destruction that he leaves in his wake.

Cryptozoic is kicking off a new series of collectibles with style. These hand statues will focus on the hands and props that define heroes and villains of the comic book world. The Batman Joker Calling Card Hand Statue is the perfect example of how small details bring larger than life characters to life.

The shirt and jacket sleeves, the button, and the glove make this character absolutely unmistakable. But in case that’s not enough for the Caped Crusader to recognize, the hand grips the calling card just before it is left behind. What’s even better is that this statue comes with four interchangeable cards to add variety to your display. At 10 1/2-inches tall, overall, this gorgeously hand-painted polyresin statue really stands out.

With this Joker Calling Card Statue, Cryptozoic is letting the world know that their new series of hand statues is no joke! You can pre-order yours today at Entertainment Earth!

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Batman Joker Calling Card Hand Statue



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