Dalek Blue Beanie Exterminates All Chills


If you feel the need to exterminate your chills, the Doctor Who Dalek Blue Beanie is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

DalekThis beanie is made to look just like the Doctor’s archenemy Dalek from the hit BBC television show Doctor Who. The Doctor Who Dalek Blue Beanie is one size fits all.

The overall design for the beanie is a blue knit. Grey knitted pieces at the top represent the Dalek’s luminosity dischargers (twin speaker lights, for those of us who aren’t from the planet Skaro). A yellow and black circular design showcases where a Dalek would normally have its eyestalk. Your ears will stay cozy with a section that recreates the black midsection where the Dalek’s gunstick and manipulator arm are attached.

Keep your head warm in Whovian style with the Doctor Who Dalek Blue Beanie, currently available at Entertainment Earth! The Dalek Beanie is also available in white!

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Dalek Blue Beanie



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