Celebrate Jon Bernthal’s Excellent Portrayal of Punisher with Exclusive Replica


In Season 1 of Daredevil, arguably the most compelling character was Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk. (I say this is not arguable, but fact, but subjectivity in criticism and all that.)

With the show’s second season completed, they’ve done it again and created a chilling and layered character with the Punisher, aka Frank Castle, played by actor Jon Bernthal.

There’s a hardness to Bernthal’s performance that he ends up layering as the show continues, weaving vulnerability and rage and sympathy throughout the hardness. He towers in the series, both literally and metaphorically, creating this vastly rich character that is probably the best live-action iteration of the Punisher yet.

It’s a slow burn – the show starts with nothing but violence for the Punisher, which then turns into a political and ethical match between Nelson and Murdock and the DA’s office as he goes to trial, and finally Bernthal really brings Punisher out into the light in the back third of the season and it’s stellar to watch.

The show explores his military history with some interesting character choices. His refusal to be labeled as having PTSD, out of respect for the soldiers who actually do, is an early indication of the greys that Bernthal plays within Castle.

This side of Punisher is perfectly exemplified with the Punisher Frank Castle Dog Tags Necklace Replica – Entertainment Earth Exclusive, which allows you to show off this side of his character yourself!

Punisher Dog Tag Exclusive

Made of stainless steel, the two military-style dog tags read Castle’s name, code name, number ID, and location. They come on 22-inch ball-chain necklaces, packaged in an exclusive box.

The show’s commendable depiction of Punisher should be applauded, and now you can proudly don your love of this character, with this fantastic item that can only be found at Entertainment Earth.



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