This Daredevil Q-Fig Is Ready to Leap into Battle

Matt Murdock has been an inspiring hero, proving that a disability doesn’t have to limit your goals. The stubborn attorney-by-day, vigilante-by-night has never let his blindness stop him on his quest to clean up Hell’s Kitchen.

Springing from a wall – and Netflix’s hit Daredevil series – comes Quantum Mechanix’s Daredevil Q-Fig PVC Figure. Billy clubs in hand, Daredevil is bounding into the fray in his iconic horned helmet and dusty red costume.

This Q-Fig statue may only be 4 1/4-inches tall from base to horn-tip, but sometimes the smallest figures pack the biggest punches. Mr. Murdock comes packaged in a window box for easy display and will be arriving in stock next month – so order today!



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