This Crime Fighting Duo Deserves to Jump Into Your Collection Today!

The Dark Knight Returns Batman and Robin Frank Miller Edition 1:10 Scale Deluxe Art Statue

The Dark Knight Returns is one of the most pivotal stories within the Batman universe. Written and illustrated by Frank Miller, this story is set in the near future of a rotting Gotham with a retired Batman and a new kind of sidekick Robin named Carrie Kelley. This crime-fighting duo traverse through a masterpiece storyline with some of the most recognizable pieces of art. All of this has inspired many through the years including Iron Studios to create this new The Dark Knight Returns Batman and Robin Frank Miller Edition 1:10 Scale Deluxe Art Statue. Beautifully done and hard to look away from, this statue definitely lives up to the defining artwork it was inspired from.

To start, the sculpt of this duo is almost perfect alongside Miller’s artwork. Batman features a massive chest, small pointed ears, and very defined costume pieces. This is emphasized by the bold colors of black and gray juxtaposed against his bright yellow utility belt. His positioning jumping through the air with his left arm out and his right arm wrapped around his cape opens his massive chest. It’s hard to not look with that Miller large bat symbol on his chest.

Then there’s Robin. She’s positioned just below Batman to give us clear view of them both no matter what angle this statue is positioned. What I love most is her body positioning with her arms bent upward by her face, her bright yellow cape flying straight behind her and her legs pressed together off to the side. It is a very ladylike feel for the kind of tomboyish look she sports. Having so much color within her costume it is nice to see her black goggles against that cute curly hair of hers.

These two are placed above a Gotham skyline to show some context of the actual height they seem to be flying through the sky into action. There is also a ton of detail put into the tiny buildings below them bringing this statue to a truly deluxe level. All of these elements elevate these two and will make a magnificent addition to any Batman fan’s collection.

Don’t waste any time pre-ordering this The Dark Knight Returns Batman and Robin Frank Miller Edition 1:10 Scale Deluxe Art Statue. It is a limited edition statue that comes out in November 2018 and I worth being a part of your collection.

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