You Might Not Want to Entrust Your Jewels to This Feline Bombshell

Catwoman DC Bombshells

Gotham City Savings and Loan better watch out because Selina Kyle is on the prowl as the DC Comics Bombshells Catwoman Statue, the newest in the renowned DC Bombshells line.

The ferocious feline fatale joins the line of striking statues modeled after 1940s pin-up art and designed by Ant Lucia. This DC Bombshell wears the classic little black dress, thigh high stockings, and a stand of pearls. She sits delicately upon a stool, undeterred by simple things like locks.

The statue measure about 8 3/4-inches tall and features a delightful base nameplate with the art inspiration. In this version, the cat burglar holds a piece of jewelry in one hand and a long cigarette-holder. With a black cat perched on her shoulder, you don’t want to cross this kitten.

Limited to only 5,200 pieces worldwide, you’ll definitely want to add Catwoman to your collection. She is currently available with free shipping at Entertainment Earth.

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