This Bust Captures the King of the Seven Seas In Motion

Aquaman Bust

The ancient ruler and deposed king of Atlantis is rising once again. Once paned for his wholesome image, Aquaman made a small cameo in the dark-toned Batman v Superman and is set to take center stage of the DC Universe with his own film in 2018. Aquaman is a character that has had trouble finding his feet with the public at large, but has always kept the hearts of thousands of fans.

This DC Comics Super Heroes Aquaman Bust gives us the best depiction of Aquaman throughout his long history. Designed by artist Jim Lee, this bust is more than a freeze-frame; it captures all the movement and beauty that a statue is capable of embodying.

Aquaman’s quest for justice lives on in this bust. His expression is highly detailed and realistic – far from the cartoonish facial expressions seen in many collectibles. From his hair to his necklace, to the way he is holding his trident, you would swear that this isn’t a still statue, but a hero in mid movement.

This bust measures about 5 3/4-inches tall and is being produced in very limited quantities. When you take into account that only 2500 of these pieces are being produced, this statue is nothing less than a bargain. But, it’s a bargain that isn’t going to last long! Pre-order yours at Entertainment Earth today!

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Aquaman Bust



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