New Batman Statue in Vivid Black and White


The Dark Knight is precious to many collectors. Batman has remained on the cutting edge since the late 1930s, which means that he has had more upgrades and evolutions than almost any character out there. Batman cannot rely on representing a heroic ideal goodness set in stone, the way Superman does, but he must always come across as someone with the very latest technology, gear, and persona in order to reflect the chaotic force of good. One of the more memorable forms that Batman has taken on was, Batman Black and White.

For the Batman collector who wants their collection to show every embodiment of the Dark Knight, comes this Batman Black and White Batman by Amanda Conner Statue. Artist and illustrator Amanda Conner gives us her stunning take on one of the starkest portrayals of the Batman to ever grace DC Comics. This statue looks like it came straight off of the page of the special series. It is completely drained of color, but shaded in perfect grayscale to come at you as in print, making your eyes seem to play a trick on you.

Standing at about 7 1/2-inches tall, this stark embodiment of the Caped Crusader will give your Batman collection the perfect touch, and not too many other collections will have it either: this is a limited run of only 5,000 pieces! So if you want to add the perfect shade of color to your collection, you’d better act fast and pre-order your Batman Black and White Statue today from Entertainment Earth!




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