Batman and Superman Take Their Fight to Your Collection

Batman v Superman Statues

The team-up we’ve been waiting for will hit the big screen next March but before then, you can celebrate with the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice statues from DC Collectibles!

He’s a god among men – and not in Batman’s good graces. Based on the likeness of actor Henry Cavill, the stunning statue captures Superman in mid-flight as his red cape billows around him. He sports the dark costume from the DC cinematic universe and no detail has been overlooked.

However, even if Superman is just trying to do the right thing, Batman doesn’t trust him and he’ll do anything to stop him, including showing up to the fight with two statues.

The first statue depicts Batman in his new black and grey suit, leaning forward and ready to throw a punch Superman’s way.

If you love Batman’s new armor, you’ll love the second statue. Hulking and intimidating, Batman’s eyes seem to glow and he’s determined not to lose this fight.

Each of the statues are 1:6 scale and measure 12-inches tall, including their base of the Batman v Superman logo.

Who will you support? Make your choice with these new epic statues, currently available at Entertainment Earth, with an expected arrival of January 2016 and free shipping.

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» Pre-Order Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman 1:6 Scale Statue

BvS Superman Statue

» Pre-Order Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman 1:6 Scale Statue

BvS Batman Statue

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BvS Armored Batman Statue



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