Vixen Strikes a Pose as This Golden Bombshell Statue

DC Bombshell Vixen

Alt-verse takes on beloved characters has long been a staple of comics – but DC’s really knocked one out of the park with its Bombshells series. What could be better than seeing the greatest lady heroes of the DC Universe all dolled up in 1940’s fashions, protecting the homefront while war rages overseas?

Now it’s Vixen’s turn. The DC Comics Bombshells Vixen Statue has the African beauty evoking the great Josephine Baker with marcelled waves, a figure-revealing gold dress, and luxurious fur stole.

Her smile and outstretched hand may be quite come-hither, but don’t be fooled: this girl has quite the bite. Choose your words – and allegiances – wisely before engaging Ms. McCabe in a casual flirtation…

This Vixen Bombshells statue is a limited run of 5,000, so don’t delay: order now or risk saying goodbye to the playfully powerful lady forever.

DC Comics Bombshells Vixen Statue



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