New Statue Brings Brightest Day and Darkest Night to Your Collection

Green Lantern Icons

Hal Jordan becomes the DC Comics Icons Green Lantern Statue, the newest in the DC Comics Icons statue line after Shazam.

Hal stands ready for action, holding the lantern in his left hand. His right hand is held up in a fist, showcasing his ring. Carefully sculpted to showcase his New 52 design, even the sheen on his paint deco highlights the Green Lantern.

The Icons Green Lantern statue is crafted from resin and measures about 10-inches tall. This is a limited edition statue of only 5,200 pieces and is the perfect addition to your superhero collection.

Based on the superheroes from the Justice League, these limited edition statues show the regal and fierce warriors that keep their cities crime free. Green Lantern joins Superman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Arrow, and Shazam in the Icons line.

Green Lantern is currently available with free shipping at Entertainment Earth and in stock now!

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