Scarlet Speedster Stays Still Long Enough to Pose as Statue

flash tv statue

You have to be quick if you want to catch this statue! From DC Collectibles comes the brand new Flash TV Series Statue, currently available at Entertainment Earth.

Barry Allen is the Fastest Man Alive but he’s also a television star. This statue is based on The CW’s hit new show The Flash and fits well with the Arrow TV Oliver Queen Version 2 Statue. Their respective shows have crossed over with one another and Barry started on Arrow so it only makes senses that these statues go together, right?

This statue captures the likeness of actor Grant Gustin with incredible detail. He’s wearing the costume from the show, which is a darker red than you’re normally used to seeing on the Flash, and it looks great. The texture of the piece is incredible and looks as though it’s constructed from real leather.

It stands approximately 12 1/2-inches tall, including the round base which is black with the red and yellow Flash logo on it. He’s posed with his arms pulled back and right foot slightly off the ground – ready to run. Which, as you know, this scarlet speedster usually is.

Hailing from Central City, the Flash is an original member of the Justice League and one of DC Comics’ most beloved heroes. He might be zipping from place to place, but he always stops to save the day and show compassion to the people he meets.

The Flash TV Series Statue is sculpted by Steve Kiwus and available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with free shipping and an expected arrival of October.

» Pre-Order Flash TV Series Statue

flash tv series statue

» Pre-Order Arrow TV Oliver Queen Version 2 Statue

arrow tv series statue



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