Superman and Darkseid Face Off in Epic New Statue

Superman Darkseid

Back by popular demand comes the Man of Steel himself in this Superman vs. Darkseid 2nd Edition 12 1/2-Inch Statue from DC Collectibles!

Superman fans will love this 12 1/2-inch statue showcasing the fight between Superman and Darkseid. Locked in fisticuffs above the ever-raging fiery pits of Apokolips, who will be the victor?

Superman flies above Darkseid, looking down at his opponent’s snarling face. The superhero’s suit features metallic jewel tones on red, blue, and yellow. Darkseid’s textured grey-blue skin looks great next to his vibrant blue clothes. The base features a fiery pit and stones.

The 1st edition of this epic statue sold out very quickly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take home the 2nd edition!

This epic statue is currently available with free shipping at Entertainment Earth!

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Superman Darkseid



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