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DC Collectibles Reveals New Superman Statues, Bombshells, and More for Toy Fair

dc collectibles toy fair

New York Toy Fair is upon us and DC Collectibles has unveiled their press release, detailing their brand new collectibles for 2015 that they will be showcasing at the event. So DC fans, listen up!

Collectibles include action figures, statues, prop replicas, vehicles, and more! Since DC Entertainment has been doing so well, there’s an extra focus on that, with items from past and present television series.

If you’re ready to check it all out, keep reading!

» Arrow TV Series John Diggle Action Figure
» Arrow TV Series Felicity Smoak Action Figure
» Arrow TV Series Arsenal Action Figure
» Flash TV Series Captain Cold Action Figure

From DC Entertainment’s hit TV series Arrow and The Flash come all new 6 1/2-inch action figures! Oliver Queen’s team is rounded out with Diggle and Felicity as well as his protege, Roy Harper a.k.a Arsenal. From The Flash comes one of his biggest adversaries yet, Captain Cold!

» Flash TV Series Reverse-Flash Ring Prop Replica
» Constantine Doctor Fate Helmet Prop Replica

There’s not much cooler than prop replicas and these are some of the best. From The Flash comes a gold prop replica ring of the Reverse-Flash, the mysterious enemy in yellow who can run even faster than Barry himself. From Constantine comes Doctor Fate’s helmet which is a powerful magical artifact.

» DC Icons Dead Man Action Figure
» DC Icons Batman Action Figure
» DC Icons Mr. Miracle Action Figure
» DC Icons Green Arrow Action Figure
» DC Icons The Flash Action Figure
» DC Icons Black Adam Action Figure
» DC Icons Blue Beetle Action Figure
» DC Icons Lex Luthor Action Figure
» DC Icons Green Lantern Deluxe Action Figure
» DC Icons Aquaman Action Figure
» DC Icons Superman Action Figure
» DC Icons Atom Action Figure 3-Pack
» DC Icons Harley Quinn Action Figure

The DC Icons line expands into action figures! Featuring both heroes and villains alike, the figures stand 6-inches tall and come with some very cool accessories. Get The Flash with his speed force treadmill; the Green Arrow with, of course, a bow and arrows; Hal Jordon (the Green Lantern) with his power suit; Aquaman with his trident; Superman with his robot helper, Kalax; and Atom with three pieces including a female version Atomica, a “mid-size” figure of Ryan Choy, and an almost atom-sized figure of Ray Palmer!

» Batman: The Animated Series Mad Hatter Action Figure
» The New Batman Adventures Bane Action Figure
» The New Batman Adventures Nightwing Action Figure
» The New Batman Adventures Scarecrow Action Figure
» Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile Vehicle with Lights
» Batman: The Animated Movie Mask of The Phantasm Action Figure 2-Pack

The popular action figure line from Batman: The Animated Series and The New Adventures of Batman continues! The coolest piece is the Batmobile with lights measures 24-inches long and can seat two of your animated series 6-inch action figures.

» Batman DC Comics Bombshells Joker and Harley Quinn Statue
» DC Comics Bombshells Batwoman Statue
» DC Comics Bombshells Catwoman Statue

Man, those Bombshells are hot! The previously announced Batwoman joins the first ever duo Bombshells statue – Harley and Joker! In what looks like a re-creation of the famous LIFE magazine cover, Harley is dipping a Joker whose face is covered in kisses. We should also be getting our first look at the Catwoman statue soon too!

» Batman Black and White Harley Quinn by Paul Dini Statue


Paul Dini is a famous producer and writer for several of DC Entertainment’s television shows, including Batman: The Animated Series which is where Harley Quinn was first introduced. She has a retro look with this statue as she holds a Joker playing card in her hand.

» Superman DC Comics Super Pets Krypto Plush
» Superman DC Comics Super Pets Streaky Plush
» DC Super Pets Dex-Starr Plush
» DC Super Pets Hoppy Plush

There’s nothing like man’s best friend or an animal companion to aide you on your adventures! These heroic animals arrive as adorable plush that are perfect for cuddling and being absolutely adorable. Dex-Starr and Hoppy will be joining Krypto and Streaky soon.

» DC Comics Super Heroes Catwoman Bust
» DC Comics Super Heroes Deadshot Bust

Jim Lee designed this stunning bust of Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman. Her leather bodysuit shines as she holds her whip in her hand. The bust stands approximately 6 1/4-inches tall and will soon be joined by Deadshot.

» Superman Man of Steel by John Romita Jr. Statue
» Superman Man of Steel by Cully Hamner Statue
» Superman Man of Steel by Darwyn Cooke Statue

Truth, Justice, and the American Way! Superman is a hero for the ages and comes as three new statues, joining a line where each statue is done by a different designer. Keep your eyes peeled for the other two, it really is a stunning line.

» Gotham City Garage: Harley Quinn Statue

Harley Quinn will be joining Catwoman in this Gotham City Garage line, which features the character with some type of vehicle. In Catwoman’s statue, she’s riding a motorcycle with a cat looking up at her. We can’t wait to see what Harley looks like!

» DC Comics Cover Girls Red Lantern Bleez Statue

Bleez, a Havanian who’s part of the Red Lantern Corps, is joining the likes of Wonder Woman, Starfire, Poison Ivy, and more as a DC Comics Cover Girl statue! She has a really great design in the comics and we’re excited to see how DC Collectibles incorporates her wings!



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