Can You Guess How Rare This Batman Statue Is?

Batman is known for being tall, dark, and brooding – and for coming down on the criminal element of Gotham City like a heavy hammer.

But rarely has he been quite so impressive.

The DC Comics Brass Batman Statue is truly a collector piece. The Caped Crusader has been cast in solid brass, and is an extremely limited edition statue of a mere 100 pieces.

Standing intimidating 20-inches tall, this 36 pound statue features Gotham’s favorite hero in a defiant pose, cape swirling and brow furrowed. With his highly defined musculature and costume details – including his iconic symbol in a contrasting, eye-catching shade – this Bats will instantly command a place of pride in your DC collection.

The statue is shipped in its own custom wooden crate and includes a pair of handling gloves; due to size and weight considerations, shipping does have restrictions.

This Dark Knight won’t linger for long, so pre-order now to secure one of the 100 statues in this limited line!



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