A Cup of Justice Goes a Long Way for Your Morning Coffee

Justice League Mugs

Even superheroes need a wake-up call so get your java going with these DC Comics Justice League Morphing Mugs!

These color-changing ceramic mugs transform from black as hot liquid is added. Watch as a hidden, heroic image is revealed in vivid colors! With your favorite superheroes at your side, you can conquer any morning.

Designed and made in the United Statues, each mug holds 11 ounces and is hand wash only. They are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

The Caped Crusader is the night, but watch him transform in the morning! Featuring a bust of the Dark Knight himself, the Batman mug showcases a flurry of bats as well as that beloved logo.

The Man of Steel has powers unknown to humanity. With glowing eyes and a powerful fist, Superman stands in front of the iconic Daily Planet globe with his ‘S’ logo beside him.

None are faster than the Flash, especially when he’s caffeinated! Moving as fast as ever, the scarlet speedster stands with his arms crossed and his lightning logo beside him.

In brightest day and darkest night, Green Lantern supports your need for a frothy beverage. With his ring glowing, you know the Green Lantern Corps are by your side.

These epic morphing mugs are currently available at Entertainment Earth and scheduled to arrive in April 2015.

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