Find Out Which Beloved DC Comics Character is Coming to Live Action

DC Comics Nightwing

DC Comics is continuing their domination of the small screen with the official confirmation of a new series! Yesterday, DC Entertainment Chief Creative Office Geoff Johns was asked on Twitter about the progress on TNT’s upcoming show Titans.

Titans will be based on the popular DC comics series Teen Titans, a team led by Dick Grayson AKA the first Boy Wonder who emerges from the shadow of Batman to become Nightwing. He will be joined by characters such as Starfire, Raven, and others to form a “junior Justice League.”

These teen heroes found popularity as an animated series first with Cartoon Network and The WB’s Teen Titans, followed by Teen Titans Go!. However, this will be the first time fans see a live-action version of Nightwing. Considering his popularity, this debut has been a long time coming.

This series join CBS’ Supergirl and The CW’s iZombie in development, alongside the already airing Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, and Gotham, to give DC Comics a whopping 7 series on the small screen.

Now let the rumors and speculation commence! Who do you want to see cast as Nightwing and friends? Is there anything particular you’re hoping to see? Let us know in the comments!



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