Command the Attention of Everyone around You with This Joker Cane Prop Replica

DC Gallery Joker Cane Prop Replica
Introduce a little bit of anarchy into your wardrobe with this DC Gallery Joker Cane Prop Replica. It is the perfect accessory to pull any outfit together. Just ask the Joker! Aside from his crazy antics, he is also known for his snazzy style all his own. His outfits match his eccentric personality with meticulously picked accessories. Often times we see him sporting this cane meant to command the attention of everyone around him. It is a statement piece that will make eyes turn and take notice.

This life-size replica measures approximately 42 1/2-inches tall. Its wooden body comes in two pieces and painted purple to look like the Joker’s suit. The two pieces come together with brass-finish metal connectors, which is the same material used for the head and tip. It is a cohesive look making this cane super stylish.

The sculpted head showcases a sinister smiling Joker face and pointed chin. Connecting it to the wooden base is the top of a collared shirt and green tinted bow tie. This green is also featured to show off his crazy hair color. Contoured to look like a swoop, his hairpiece acts as a perfect grip for your hand making it great for leaning.

Your swagger points will jump up for sure with the addition of this DC Gallery Joker Cane Prop Replica to any outfit. Stand apart and command attention just like the Joker. It comes out in July 2018 but you can make sure you are the envy of all your friends by pre-ordering yours today!



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