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25 Years Later, It’s Still Doomsday for Superman with This DC Icons Deluxe Action Figure Duo


This November will see the silver anniversary of the Superman issue that killed off the world’s first true superhero (but only for about a year).

What began as DC Comics’ way of stalling Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s wedding (so Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher’s Lois and Clark TV series could catch up) ended up as so much more. Generating intense excitement among readers, major mainstream media attention, and record-shattering sales (ultimately selling over six million copies), Superman #75 endures as an undeniable pop culture milestone.

A quarter-century later, you can re-stage or reenact Superman and the monstrous Doomsday’s fateful fight, blow by bruising blow, with this pair of deluxe action figures from the DC Icons series.

The Man of Steel, his once-proud costume in shreds, has met his match. Bloodied but determined to protect Metropolis, he battles the bulging, bone-studded Doomsday until the creature is defeated. “But,” as the issue’s final text boxes tell us, “it’s too late. For this is the day that a Superman died.”

Standing about 7 inches tall, the Doomsday figure tops Superman by an inch. Each has multiple points of articulation; Superman comes with multiple face sculpts, two pairs of hands, and a super-vision “blast” accessory so you can recreate all of the story’s most dramatic beats. You can even add “sound effects” with the word attachments (assuming you don’t want to supply the sounds yourself). And when the battle reaches its inevitable conclusion, you can fly Superman’s tattered cape in tribute.

Few moments in comic book history match “The Death of Superman” for in-universe and real-world impact. Celebrate its 25th anniversary by pre-ordering your deluxe action figure two-pack today!





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