Deadpool Joined By Friends and Foes in His Movie

Piece after piece has come from the casting news for the upcoming Deadpool movie. It can be hard to keep track of all of it, so here’s the news in one convenient place for you about who’s been cast, as well as predicting what characters we might see in the film.

Most recently Morena Baccarin, Firefly alum and current Gotham star, was announced as the leading lady of the film and Deadpool’s love interest. According to The Hollywood Reporter, throughout the film her character “grapples with falling for a man with a hideously scarred face.”

No news yet on who exactly she’ll be playing but some fans suspect Vanessa Carlyle a.k.a. Copycat.

Another tough female has also joined the cast with mutant Angel Dust. Gina Carano from Fast & Furious 6 showed her fighting abilities before, so we’re sure she’ll be a treat to watch in this film.

THR also says Colossus will appear, but original actor Daniel Cudmore stated that he will not be reprising the role on Twitter.

So far we have a nice list of characters shaping up for the film. But four’s hardly anything for a superhero film, right? Especially with a character like Deadpool.

A casting call revealed other casting, as well as the working title “Wham!” for the movie. Pretty perfect if you ask me.

“[RIDGE] Any ethnicity, early 30s to early 50s. Big, muscular, dangerous, violent, vain, insecure and more than a bit of a dick…. but with a sense of humor. He is not a psychopath, he’s practical but morally neutral—he doesn’t enjoy torturing people, he just doesn’t care. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SEQUEL OPTIONS.

“[LINDSAY] Any ethnicity, 20s, attractive and worldly. Smart, tough, beautiful but a little bit broken. Nothing has ever been easy for her and she’s developed a thick skin and cynical outlook. But she’s not a victim—she may not have a great life but she’s holding it together and does what she needs to get by. She’s got a great sense of humor but it leans heavily towards irony and sarcasm. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SEQUEL OPTIONS.

“[SIMON] Any ethnicity, late 20s to early 40s. Quirky, great sense of humor. Smart, funny, but more than a little bit slippery. Fast talker, always looking to make a buck. He looks out for himself first and foremost, but reveals loyalty at the end of the day. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SEQUEL OPTIONS.

“[SHIRLIE] African American, late 60s to early 80s. Worldly, great sense of comedic timing, sarcastic, dry, funny. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS.

“[KATHY] Any ethnicity, early to mid teens. World weary, great sense of comedic timing, sarcastic, droll sense of humor. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS.

“[KEREN] Any ethnicity, early 20s to late 30s. Serious, big, tough. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS

“[ALBERT] Any ethnicity, early 30s to early 50s. Big, muscular, dangerous. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS”

This gives us a lot of fun information to work with. We can start to figure out which characters fit these descriptions and then piece together our own plot and relationship theories. This also shows that Deadpool could get his own trilogy, or at least crossover with other X-Men films.

Deadpool is set to come out on February 12, 2016. It will be directed by Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds, Gina Carano, Morena Baccarin, and more.

Do you like this casting news? Which characters do you think will be in the movie based on that casting call? Who do you want to see? Let us know in the comments!



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