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7 Most Unique Deadpool Collectibles You Will Ever See

Contrary to popular belief, life as a super-powered hitman for hire is not always a bed of roses. There’s the wear and tear on costumes – blood stains are such a pain to get out of spandex, especially your own – Hello Kitty bags of ammo are pricey, and chimichangas are not tax deductible as a work expense.

But Wade Wilson can always find the brighter sides of things; probably because he’s taken one too many arrows to the temporal lobe, but still! When it comes to “can do” attitudes, few have a more heaping amounts of it than Deadpool.

So follow Fresh Prince’s example and outfit your super lair with these unique, stupendous goodies!


What better way to get into the heroic mood than with a Chair Cape? Bring some excitement to your boring chair with Deadpool Chair Cape from Entertainment Earth! Made of high-quality fabric materials, the patented Chair Cape line from Entertainment Earth adjusts to fit most size chairs by using an adjustable hook-and-loop based belt and strap design to wrap securely around the back of your chair.

What better way to unwind after a hard day of bloody mayhem than with a tiki party? The Deadpool 15 oz. Geeki Tiki Mug recreates the masked man in traditional tiki stylization. Made of ceramic, it’s even dishwasher and microwave safe! Just add grass skirts, a Golden Girls marathon, and some tasty Mexican food for a Wade-tastic good time!

It’s hard to pin down what makes Deadpool so awesome, but one of his finer qualities is an appreciation for a truly bad pun. These retro-styled miniature wooden figures prove the axiom that some of the best things come in small packages, and are hand-painted in a 2-inch scale. Wade Wilson comes in three different wooden figures: Deadpool Masked Pin Mate, Deadpool Unmasked Pin Mate, and Deadpool X-Force Costume Pin Mate.

Lesson #1 on Being Deadpool: Always Know How To Make An Impression. This Super Deadpool ArtFX Statue will most definitely stand out in any collection with its customizability. Throw on a comical circus clown wig, swap hands for the pop gun and it’s “To Be Continued!” message, and accessorize with a pair of katanas, pair of handguns, or a grenade to make this 17-inch tall 1:6 scale statue really stand out.

Last but not least, Wade will always be the first to admit that he enjoys playing with himself – the Deadpool Wood Push Puppet lets you play with him, too! This classic retro-style wooden toy features vivid hand-painted artwork and decal elements, stands 5-inches tall, and hilariously flops about – not unlike the real Deadpool when he takes a dagger to the cerebellum!

Order today and these mercenary goodies will be flipping your way in short order!



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