Deadpool Swag For Everyone!

He’s quickly becoming one of the biggest comic book characters around. He’s nearly a household name at this point. His exploits have become legend. He’s someone we could all strive to be more like and let’s face it, he’s pretty handsome to boot. Obviously, I’m talking about Deadpool. His first live action feature film has made him a global pop culture icon, whereas die-hard fans have long known his lovability. It makes perfect sense that you can’t step into a comic book store without seeing Deadpool merchandise all over the place. Allow me to highlight some the more obscure but desirable swag from the long line of Deadpool collectibles!

Deadpool Chimichanga Bottle Umbrella


When it rains, you need an umbrella. It’s science. We need to protect the hair, but who wants to carry around a drab boring umbrella? No one. This umbrella collapses into the shape of a bottle of Chimichanga sauce, and when you expand it, not only are you protected from the destructive rain drops you are walking in style. The umbrella features a comical picture of Deadpool eating a dynamite laced Chimichanga served by Deadpool himself! What a paradox!

Deadpool Katana Umbrella

Deadpool Katana

As we just discussed, umbrellas make boring and drab accessories but in places like Seattle, they are a daily must have item. Instead of looking like a total nerd with some basic umbrella, upgrade to a Deadpool Katana Umbrella! When opened it’s the memorable Deadpool face logo, but when you close it, you sling across your chest and BAM you’re a ninja. Warning: Umbrella is not an actual Katana so do NOT seek vengeance from those who have done you wrong using this umbrella as your sole source of weaponry. Also, violence is never the answer.

Deadpool Packable Duffle Bag

Deadpool Diffle

We were only given two hands, so when we need to carry many things, a bag is handy. Whether it’s to carry your stinky gym clothes and shoes, or several hundred different kinds of weapons in a fight to save your best girl, a bag serves its purpose. This elegant and classy bag even transforms into a smaller carrying case as well and has lovely Deadpool imagery all over the outside. Just don’t forget it in the cab/uber.

Deadpool Hidden Quotes Backpack

Deadpool Backpack

Remember when your mom would lovingly leave you a little note inside your lunchbox? No? Me neither. Now you need not rely on mommy to surprise you with a note because old Wade Wilson has you covered! This backpack has a laptop pocket and a hidden message from the Merc with a Mouth just for you in the front pocket. It’s a secret, so only tell like 5 or 6 thousand of your friends on Twitter, ok?

Deadpool String Lights

Christmas lights are seasonal but they do spice up a living room. So instead of being THAT lazy person who leaves the decorations up all year round, get these Deadpool lights and begin decorating your house like a totally awesome person. They’re perfect for every occasion; birthdays, holidays, parties, even getting fired from work. They’re guaranteed to brighten up your day. (Not officially guaranteed to make your mood better, BUT they will brighten a dark room for sure.)

As you can see there’s a Deadpool item for everyone on your shopping list. So spend that money! Get the Deadpool swag and help support this starving artist named Wade Wilson. Every item you purchase puts at least a penny in his pocket…well probably not, but you can pretend if it makes you feel better. Now GO! BUY!



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