Deadpool Test Footage from Comic-Con Leaked

The Deadpool movie has been a favorite Internet rumor since 2012, when Deadpool creator Rob Liefield alluded to 8 minutes of CGI test footage which he had presented to 20th Century Fox in an attempt to see the Merc with a Mouth on the big screen. (As it stands, FOX has yet to greenlight it.) A couple days ago, 1 minute and 48 seconds of the test footage was leaked, and the Internet went abuzz with excitement, only to see the video promptly removed by FOX. However, the reaction to the footage was definitely noteworthy, which incites the question of whether FOX might take a closer look at Liefield’s efforts now that the video has briefly gained viral acclaim.

The clip includes a considerable amount of swearing and violence, with a comedic, fourth-wall breaking iteration of the anti-hero voiced by Ryan Reynolds. The test reel shows Deadpool sitting on a bridge rocking along to Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl before crashing through a car full of villains, and a plethora of CGI violence ensues in slapstick fashion.

With FOX pulling the video left and right, it remains a question of whether the studio is now considering a Deadpool movie. At this time Ryan Reynolds remains the top choice to play Deadpool.

What do you think? Comment below if you want a Deadpool movie!



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