First Video Look at Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool Confirms Movie’s Rating

Deadpool fans rejoice! In a brilliant April Fool’s marketing campaign, Ryan Reynolds and friends confirmed that Deadpool will be rated R.

Earlier today, JoBlo wrote an article saying the film officially received a PG-13 rating, despite push back from Reynolds. He tweeted about the news this morning:


It’s a blow to fans, and Reynolds himself, if this film receives the tamer rating. For a character entrenched in violence, foul language, and comedy, an R-rating is only appropriate.

deadpool ryan reynolds mask However, a video was posted this afternoon by JoBlo, confirming the true rating. Watch the video below.

In the video, Mario Lopez interviews Ryan Reynolds about the rating debacle. In the middle of the talk, Deadpool suddenly shows up and does what he does best – kills Lopez and comedically follows up with: “F*ck you, Slater.”

He then says: “April Fool’s! Deadpool will of course be rated R.” He holds up a drawing of the death he just caused and finishes with: “It’s okay, Jessie, Slater can’t hurt you anymore.”

So Wade Wilson is obviously a fan of Saved by the Bell too.

This gives us our first look at Reynolds in the costume and I’m already excited. His voice, slightly high-pitched and snarky, is perfect, as is the dialogue. The marketing for this movie has been top-notch (as evidenced by the fact that their official Twitter account only follows one other account – Hello Kitty).

Deadpool, directed by Tim Miller, will star Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, TJ Miller, Gina Carano, Brianna Hildebrand, and Morena Baccarin. It’s set to hit theaters on February 12, 2016.

Are you excited about the R-rating? What do you think of their April Fool’s prank? Let us know in the comments!

Ryan Reynolds Addresses the Deadpool PG-13 Rating



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