You can Become the Death Dealer with Frank Frazetta Collector’s Edition Replicas

Frank Frazetta Props

Frank Frazetta revolutionized the world of fantasy illustration through his decades-long career, making many images that would become iconic. Among his most recognizable creations is the Death Dealer: a demonic soldier atop a battle-worn warhorse, this image, and variations of it appeared on Dungeons and Dragons guidebooks, album covers, and dorm room walls throughout popular culture. Now you can recreate the iconic look of the Death Dealer with this amazing Collector’s Edition line of replicas!

Frank Frazetta Death Dealer Helmet Collector’s Edition

This helmet forged from 18-gauge steel and fully lined in suede with a leather adjustable liner. The custom fiberglass horns and tusks complete the look, making this helmet the perfect aesthetic likeness of the Death Dealer’s. Measuring in at 17-inches wide and 14-inches tall, this is a significant collectible all by itself.

Frank Frazetta Death Dealer Sword Collector’s Edition

Hanging by his side is one of the warrior’s favorite weapons. The replica sword is a museum-quality piece of workmanship. This massive blade is hand-forged and fully tempered carbon steel, with darkened brass hardware parts. The elaborate custom scabbard is instantly recognizable and comes with a chain for over the shoulder wear. Over 40-inches long, this sword is exact to every detail.

Frank Frazetta Death Dealer Axe Collector’s Edition

Perhaps the Death Dealer’s most iconic weapon can be yours in the form of the replica axe. Master smiths forged this high carbon steel axe and attached it to a shaft of custom lathed hardwood. Coming in at 43-inches long, the shape of the axe head is pulled right out of the illustration. It also comes with a wall display plaque that is shaped like his shield.

Frank Frazetta Death Dealer Shield Collector’s Edition

Last, but not least comes the replica shield. Showing the battle scars of many deadly campaigns, this hand-formed steel is curved to accommodate the Death Dealer’s hulking arm. With the antique finish and adjustable leather straps, this shield can stand up against most attacks.

Each of these remarkable collectibles comes with a certificate of authenticity, though seeing the items up close will dissuade any doubt as to the quality. These outstanding items are all sold separately, at prices that reflect the high quality. Order today from Entertainment Earth.



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