The Death Dealer Meets His Maker

Frank Frazetta Tribute Death Dealer Statue

This might be the best way to honor both Frank Frazetta and his most iconic creation, The Death Dealer. The artist that defined fantasy illustration is a household name, his work reflected on book covers, posters, and so much more. But there really was no single image that has had more cultural penetration than The Death Dealer, and The Frank Frazetta Tribute Death Dealer Statue is the perfect marriage of art and artist. This highly detailed, 16-inch limited edition statue won’t last long!

Paying homage to his own creator, The Death Dealer takes on a somber air. This usually fearsome character is recognizable and eye-catching while communicating a different depth of emotion that he is generally used to. While his thirst for blood atop his giant black horse is well-known, it only makes sense that his posture would be more reserved when visiting the grave of the man who gave him life. The tombstone that he visits has Frazetta’s likeness, name, and the dates of his birth and death.

This statue is anything but soft; the edge of terror is too embedded in Frazetta’s work to be totally absent. The Death Dealer is carrying his remarkable weaponry and ready for action. Fans the world over will delight in this work of meta-storytelling. Made of high-quality polystone and created with the utmost of attention to detail, this is a piece that will attract attention. Pick yours up today at Entertainment Earth!



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