Decepticon Warrior. Patriot. Screenwriter. It’s Thundercracker!

Best known as looking like Starscream’s blue period back in the day, Thundercracker has since moved on from his previous career as a Decepticon thug. He’s got a dog now! He’s writing screenplays! He’s building a new life, and with the Transformers Thundercracker Furai Model Kit, you can join in! A few sprues of parts will yield a super-articulated and stylized robot (sans disguise). It’s like a Gundam model, but not. Complete with null-ray cannons, this figure stands just a hair under 6-inches tall, ready to be amazing while writing about the likes of Josh Boyfriend. (Look, he’s new to Earth.) Put one together – you’ll love it!

Transformers Thundercracker Furai Model Kit



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