Provocatively Detailed Dejah Thoris Statue Inspired by J. Scott Campbell

Over 100 years ago, writer Edgar Rice Burroughs created an influential sci-fi world with his book, A Princess of Mars. It is the first in his popular Barsoom series with the backdrop of adventure, space travel, and love. This piece of classical pulp culture has inspired many writers and artists throughout the years and has even garnered a modern comic series called Warlord of Mars from Dynamite Entertainment, which was started back in 2010. The series attracted some great artists including J. Scott Campbell for one of its #1 issue’s covers featuring the Martian Princess, Dejah Thoris. Now, this stellar cover has inspired a stunning new The Women of Dynamite Dejah Thoris Campbell Statue.

Image: Dynamite Entertainment

Matching almost exactly to the cover she was inspired by, the statue features the sci-fi heroine sitting on top of a detailed angry tiger. She’s propped up by purple pillows on the tiger’s back with her left leg tucked under her and right leg extended. One hand around the tiger’s tail and the other on his head gives the impression she is keeping her savage beast at bay. Then there’s her outfit – if you can call it that. It is made up of intricately placed pieces of gold chains, a distinctive gold collar, and headpiece. What else would you expect from the Martian Princess of Helium?

Sculpted with great detail by Steve Kiwus of Rvckvs International and made of cold-cast resin, this statue is beyond spectacular. She is about 8 3/4-inches tall on top of a base that measures about 9-inches wide by 6 1/2-inches long. Each statue comes individually numbered with a certificate of authenticity as part of a limited edition run. You can pre-order yours to make sure to add this spectacular piece to your collection when she ships in March 2018.

She’s definitely not for the younger collector, but for fans of interstellar fantasy and stunning ladies, this Women of Dynamite Dejah Thoris Campbell Statue is a perfect piece to add to your collection.



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